People say we need to change with the times. Ecclesiastics says there is nothing new under the sun. One thing that never changes is God’s Word and it never will. People, even some Churches and denominations, try to add to or take away from what is written in the Bible and that won’t work because what is written is written and it will Never change.

If we stick by His Word and do what His Word says we will be successful in this life. Timothy says that in the last days (before the return of Jesus Christ), people will not put up with sound doctrine but they will gather around them many teachers that will tickle their ears, they will turn aside from the truth and turn to fables. We need Christian people to be bold and to stand for God’s truth, not be a man pleaser or a money pleaser but stand firmly on God’s Word! There is nothing new under the sun.

Linda Weber – Sole Purpose Ministries

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