About Me

This is a Global Ministry based out of Coshocton, Ohio. I have traveled from coast to coast in the U.S. and also to India, Russia, Germany, and Israel bringing the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people in all different venues.

I have been traveling for over 25 years full time doing the work of an Evangelist. The main focus on my heart is bringing people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and reviving the Church.

In November 2013 God spoke to me: “Go, Revive my Church! When the Church is revived, they will bring in the harvest”

Through the years that I have been ministering I have seen many souls come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, numerous healing’s from blind eyes opening to healing of stage 4 cancer, lame walking, and all kinds of diseases being healed! I’ve seen many deliverance’s from depression as well. Jesus said we would do the same things that He did and even greater things and the Word also says that miracles, signs, and wonders will follow those that believe so I am taking God at His Word and answering the call that He has on my life!

The Name of the Ministry speaks for itself, my SOLE purpose is to see lives changed, revived, set free by the Power of Almighty God. I am an ordained Minister of the Gospel. My husband John and I were married for 35 years, he traveled with me, wrote songs, and ran sound but he recently passed.  I miss him deeply but I know it’s only a “temporary separation” and I will join him in Heaven for eternity. In the meantime I will continue the call that God has on my life!