My Testimony

One afternoon the Lord spoke to my spirit. The Lord said, “Do you believe in me?” And I said, “Yes Lord, You know I do. He spoke again, “Do you believe my Word is true?” And again I said, “Yes Lord, You know I do.” He spoke again and said, “Then why are you afraid to tell people about Me? Why are you ashamed of me?”

I was so shocked I wanted to fall to the floor on my face! It was one of those times when you think God didn’t know how you were living, because when I was around people that were on fire for God that’s how I was but when I was around lukewarm people that’s how I was.

As soon as that happened I then saw in a vision that I was in Heaven. It was the final Judgement and all of humanity was standing before Him. I knew that I was saved and would spend eternity with the Lord and I was glad. I then saw friends, family members and other people that I had known on the earth and they were standing on Gods left side, and they began to walk over to me and ask, “Why didn’t you tell me? You knew about Jesus, but you only saved yourself! Why didn’t you tell me?”

And after that vision, God gave me a song which I recorded and also sing at many of my meetings titled, “Why Didn’t You Tell Me” I had no idea what to tell these people who were on their way to a lost eternity. When I came out of the vision I began to weep for the lost and I knew what I had to do. Since that day my heart has been set on sharing the Gospel where ever I go. God has given me many opportunities to speak with hundreds of people about Jesus Christ. So that is the meaning of the name of this ministry SOLE PURPOSE because I have ONE purpose and that is to see lost SOULS saved, and lives changed by the Power of God!