If I hear this age old question one more time….

What about depending on the Holy Spirit to do the Follow Up? When we go out on the streets or in my case,,I spend alot of time in my local Mcdonalds,,people call it my “office” now,,but when we lead someone to Jesus Christ this is the question we hear the most,,what about follow up with these people? These people that ask this question are almost always the ones that have Never led Anyone to the Lord in their lives,,much less go out on in the highways and byway and compel the lost to come in,,, like JESUS commanded us to do! Last summer I led 2 people to the Lord in my local Mcdonalds.then I went to Tampa for a couple mths,,.I didn’t know the people,,ok, keep that in mind,, This past weekend I came home,,on Sunday night I went to Mcdonalds and there was an old man there and I felt compelled to do the script with him to lead him to the Lord,,you can find the script that we use at www.revival.com click on “soul winning tools”,,,anyway,the Lord directed me to wait until we got outside,,so when he went to his car I went up to him and I said “Sir, can I ask you a question? Has anyone ever told you that God loves you?”…well, this guy went off on me,he said..”There IS NO God! How can there be when I had the horrible life I had, my parents died when I was 10, I was raised in an orphanage, don’t tell me there is a God!!”,,,,,and he slammed his door and took off! So, I prayed that the Holy Spirit would allow those words to ring in his ears even as he layed on his bed that night,,Has anyone ever told you that God loves you????…….. Well, yesterday afternoon I was back in my “office”,,Mcdonalds, and guess who pulled in?? Yep,,the old man,,,now, what was the chances of that? And then guess who came in? The couple that I had led to the Lord last summer,,and guess where they sat? Out of that whole restaurant they sat right next to the old man! So, I walked over to the couple and the lady said she still wasn’t sure she would go to Heaven so I was able to preach the whole Gospel Script again and assure her she would And the old man got to hear the whole thing!! And I was able to invite that couple to church this sunday and they are planning to go! And by the time I got done yesterday she WAS assured by the Word of God that she was on her way to Heaven… The old man sat there and he heard all the scriptures I quoted,and how many of you know that God said HIS WORD will Not come back void but will accomplish what He sends it to do? So anyway, then he left,,,but at least he got to hear all of The Word and it was awesome!So, I am praying for him that either he will come back in my path again or God will send another labororer to him and he will be saved! And I know that God will do this cuz He loves that old man and He is obvioulsy trying to get this man saved! So how is that for follow up?? What was the chances of that couple being back in my path AND the old man AND them sitting right next to each other to both be preached to at the same time?? Who do we think we are that we can’t depend on the GOD who created every person in this world to orchestrate something like this? The Word says that “God is patient, He’s not willing that ANY should perish, but that ALL should come to repentance!” I have come to the conclusion that the people that ask that question are not concerned about the harvest, they are looking for an excuse to NOT go out in the highways and byways, but stay in the comfort of the 4 walls of the church and yes, they will make it to Heaven if they have accepted Jesus as their Lord but they will not take anyone with them,,,cuz the only thing we can take with us to Heaven is SOULS,,and I want the Lord to tell me,,”Welcome in thou good and faithful servant, enter into the Joy of the Lord!”…. But, the main reason I feel compelled to go out and bring in the harvest is,,I really DO have a heart for souls to be saved, Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost,,and if we are his hands,feet and mouth then what do you think we should be doing?? If you don’t have a heart for souls, rededicate your life to the Lord and ask Him to put that desire in your heart, to give you the heart of Jesus,,, And if you have No desire to lead people to the Lord, quit trying to discourage the ones that are! It’s time for the body of Christ, the “church” to step out of the 4 walls after service on Sunday morning and start seeking and saving that which is lost! AND,,trust the Holy Spirit to orchestrate the Follow UP! Becuz believe me,,,it WILL happen!

Linda Weber – Sole Purpose Ministries

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