Revival is falling in love with Jesus, coming back to LIFE! Jesus said “AM the Way, the Truth & the LIFE“…..

so many Christians have settled into “religion”, same ole, same ole, boring, dead religion. No Life in them, weak, defeated, depressed, back to the grind, sitting in the pew keeping it warm service after service, getting fatter & fatter with “head knowledge” but doing NOTHING outside the 4 walls of the Church. A Revival comes to town and some Pharisee tells them to “stay away from those meetings down there”..religion at it’s finest! The sad thing is, they listen to the Pharisee that is just as dead as they are & nothing ever changes in their life!

So, if Jesus IS LIFE  and you feel dead spiritually, it’s time to do what He said, and Return to your First Love, rededicate your life to Him!

And the next time Revival comes to your town tell the Pharisee to shut his pie hole & get back to his ice cream social at church cuz YOU are going down to those revival meetings to check it out for yourself! Nobody is going to do this “for” you,,it’s time YOU take responsiblity for your own spiritual walk! YOU will stand before God one day, nobody will be with you on that day! You are on your way to Heaven but “who” are you taking with you??

It’s time for the Church to line up with the Word of God! To continue the Book of Acts! Jesus said in Acts 1:8 we would receive POWER to become His witnesses. He said we would lay hands on the sick & they would recover,that we would cast out devils, that we would do the same things HE did and even more.

I personally am seeing ALL these things in my life becuz I have chosen to do what God says and not what the Pharisees say! And believe me,,there are more Pharisees out there in the world than people who have the guts to step out and do what Jesus did! They harrassed Jesus and it’s no different today. If you are a man pleaser than this won’t work for you, just go ahead and put a thicker pad on your pew cuz that’s where you’re going to continue to be…

If you’re sick of religion, then TODAY, repent, turn to Jesus, talk to HIM, tell Him that you’re ready for a change, you’re ready to line up with the Word and then SEEK Him with ALL your heart & soul. He said if you Seek Him you will find Him. Start hanging out with people of FAITH, you will have to let some people go out of your life who drag you down.

Remember,,JESUS CHRIST IS Life, If you’re looking for Life it is ALL found in a personal relationship with HIM!

If you’ve never asked Jesus into your heart today is the day to do that too,,,

Linda Weber – Sole Purpose Ministries

One thought on “Jesus is LIFE!”
  1. Linda I love this post. Its so true that we can just check off the box . I went to church today. I really appreciate your words of wisdom and I will be reading them daily and trying to apply them to my life. Thank you.

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