An important thing in Ministry is “offense”. This will take you out faster than anything. If you are a person that gets offended easily you are not ready for ministry. You have to totally ignore the persecution, the words that are spoken against you and keep on keeping on,,to the point that you don’t even repeat what is spoken against you! The Bible says to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ so keep your mind on what God has called you to do, keep an eternal focus & press on! When you have your mind on Jesus & taking up your cross & following Him Daily you won’t worry about what ANYBODY says or thinks about you, the only One that you need to please is Jesus! So love your enemies & pray for them, the ones who talk about you behind your back just love them & pray for them & DON’T take offense. More than likely they are just jealous of you anyway! :~) Linda Ross Weber Sole Purpose Ministries

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