…”the leading priests and religious scholars were committed to finding a way to secretly arrest Jesus and have him executed.” Mark 14

You are responsible for your spiritual life. Everything we believe absolutely must line up with the Holy Bible, God‘s Word. If you will notice, it was always the religious people that were trying to kill Jesus and run him out of town. They would incite people to lie about Jesus and the apostles as well. Men’s doctrine and theology is what stops the move of the Holy Spirit and twists scripture. It stops Christians from doing what Jesus commanded them to do. For example, Jesus said we would speak with new tongues. We have denominations out there that absolutely are against speaking in tongues. When it is clearly in the word of God, Jesus himself told us we would speak in new tongues? Study the Bible for yourself and see if what you are being taught is lining up with the word of God. As for me, if Jesus told me to do it I’m going to do it! And I see the power of God displayed in and through my life, I don’t have a dead, boring religion! 

Linda Weber – Sole Purpose Ministries

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